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Arburg launches 3-mins explainer videos series to share expert knowledge
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:14.Dec.2020

Arburg is now bringing time and knowledge together: in its three-minute explainer videos, experts will pass on their knowledge in an easy-to-understand, concise and entertaining way.


“Many people explain things that are complex in complicated terms. We, on the other hand, make it simple and as such better. Viewers will enjoy diving into a whole range of different topics with our experts and expanding their knowledge in next to no time,” said Dr Christoph Schumacher, Department Manager Marketing and Corporate Communications at Arburg.


The world is getting more digital, more networked and more complex all the time. The challenge lies in explaining the complex in a way that everyone can understand and putting relevant aspects and innovations in a nutshell. This is what Arburg’s experts are doing right now by sharing their extensive expertise in the new series. The explainer videos are designed not only for customers but also for partners, interested members of the public and employees all over the world.


In the Arburg explainer video for arburgXworld, IT expert Stephan Reich gives a brief and succinct explanation of the major features of the customer portal.

In each episode, an Arburg expert explains a selected topic – with good humor, professionalism and in just three minutes. A "beacon" acts as a little helper, providing additional graphic information and making the topic even easier to understand. The videos will be hosted by Guido Marschall from plastics broadcaster Plas.TV. Additional information is provided via links to the Arburg website and product brochures, for example.


The series kicks off with the "Explainer video about explainer videos", in which Dr Christoph Schumacher explains what the new format involves. In another episode, Stephan Reich, Department Manager IT Applications Development, delves into the digital customer portal arburgXworld.


In the video, Stephan Reich explains how customers can easily and intuitively control the Arburg data world themselves and sharpen the senses of their networked machines for efficient industrial production. He also introduces viewers to the VirtualControl and Shop apps.


All explainer videos are available in the media library on the Arburg website in German with English subtitles. The series will be an integral communication element at Arburg and more episodes are due to be added next year.

Check out the explainer videos at:



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