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A bundle of innovative plastic solutions for home appliances at the CPRJ Conference
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:16.Dec.2020

The 6th Edition CPRJ Plastics in Home Appliances Conference & Showcase themed “Plastics for smart home appliances” was successfully held on 10-11 Dec, 2020 at Chateau Star River Guangzhou, China.


More than 330 professionals from the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain gathered to share latest technologies and market trends of home appliances.


The conference was hosted by Adsale Publishing Ltd. (Adsale Group), organized by China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) & CPRJ International, and co-organized by Shunde Home Appliance Chamber of Commerce, Zhongshan Household Electrical Appliances Association, Guangdong Industrial Design Association, Industrial Design Society of Shunde and Good & East Resourcing.


Check out some of the plastic solutions for home appliances at the product showcase concurrently held.


For detailed reports, please click:

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What are the material and processing requirements for Panasonic and Gree?



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