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BBG presents smart molds for Industry 4.0 and smart factory
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:21.Dec.2020

BBG, a manufacturer of molds, machinery and plants, has presented smart molds for use in Industry 4.0 applications and in smart factory environments. The company is among the finalists in the "Excellence in Production" competition for Germany’s best toolmaker in 2020.


The technology developed by BBG can be used, for example, in encapsulation molds for refining glass and polycarbonate sheets with polyurethane or for manufacturing components on the basis of the PUR-RIM process.


Furthermore, it is suitable for all types of molds used to produce safety-relevant or Class A components that place high demands on the manufacturing process and documentation. Smart molds also facilitate fully automated production lines.


BBG presents smart molds for use in Industry 4.0 applications and in smart factory environments.

Typical customers include manufacturers from the automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries, who are required to document the production data of components due their obligation to produce proof of production.


According to BBG, smart molds reduce the cost for material and energy consumption while increasing productivity and process accuracy. In addition, the process data required for documentation can be gathered for every component and can be stored long-term. To this end, molds are equipped with a large number of sensors that collect data on process parameters such as temperature, flow velocity and pressure during the entire manufacturing process.


Special sensors developed by BBG are also able to detect metallic inserts in steel molds reliably. Measurements are therefore reliable even with the panes inserted.


All information can be processed on-site at the mold or forwarded to the higher-level control systems of other production lines. Any deviations from the target values specified are displayed and can be corrected immediately. Furthermore, the correct sequence and the performing of work steps can be specified and can be controlled by the mold itself. In this way, an operator always knows that the work steps have been carried out correctly in the specified order, and which ones will be next.


The data collected in intelligent molds can be processed and displayed directly on-site or forwarded to the control systems of other production lines.

The data collected is stored so as to ensure that it can be retrieved and processed individually for every component manufactured. At the same time, the entire manufacturing process is documented fully and in real time.


“Smart molds are at the top of our wide range of products, which starts with simple and cost-efficient prototyping molds”, said Hans Brandner, the managing partner. “What the customer needs is what counts for us. We develop the right mold customized to meet every requirement.”


According to Brandner, their strict focus on customer benefit is also key for the renewed success at the "Excellence in Production" competition. BBG has been nominated this year for the second time - after 2018 - as one of the best toolmakers in Germany. In the category "External toolmaker with fewer than 50 employees", BBG has again made it to the top three.



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