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(Interview) Davis-Standard sees uptick in medical silicone tubing production
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:23.Dec.2020

Davis-Standard has seen an increase in quoting and order activities for extrusion machinery and systems to produce COVID-19 related testing (tubing, swab sticks, etc.) and medical products.


In an interview, Joe Wnuk, Vice President of Elastomer and Profile Systems at Davis-Standard, talked about how would the extrusion and converting technology company respond to the growing demands.


Ensuring timely delivery and support


“Due to more hospitalizations directly related to COVID-19 and increases in COVID-19 testing, we have seen an uptick in requests for medical tubing lines to support all areas,” Joe Wnuk told Adsale Plastics Network.


Producers of these products are looking for quicker lead times to support the fast-growing demand. Davis-Standard has ramped up its inventory, increased focus on expediting components, and continued to shift resources appropriately.


As explained, these measures were implemented by working with vendors to minimize delays, maintaining a well-stocked spare parts inventory, and providing technical assistance virtually and in-person.

tube line_web_300.jpg


Davis-Standard’s MEDD Lab Line is engineered for end product development of small, tight tolerance tubing used in medical applications.

“We continue to support customers during this difficult time with in-person startup assistance when it is safe to do so. If travel is not permitted based on CDC and state regulations, we are providing virtual support,” said Joe Wnuk.


He admitted that virtual support is more challenging. Nevertheless, most of the customers understand the situation and are willing to work with the company to get their extrusion lines up and running as quickly as possible.


“We also believe the responsiveness of our Aftermarket and Parts department has been essential in reducing downtime for customers worldwide,” he remarked.


Boost in silicone tubing production


Notably, Joe Wnuk has seen an increase in silicone tubing production for the biopharmaceutical sector. For this application, Davis-Standard offers complete systems including product development, fluid handling and dispensing systems.

MEDD lab line_web.jpg

Davis-Standard’s Silicone Tubing Line can process medical grade silicone compounds and meet precise product requirements.


The company also manufactures a complete line of cold feed rubber silicone series extruders engineered for medical tubing production.


“We are equipped to meet current demand and any future increases with our robust teams during these challenging times. We also have a reliable network of partners for supplemental equipment,” he emphasized.



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