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YIZUMI remains confident in investing in India
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:Ivy Zhang    Date:24.Dec.2020

YIZUMI Online Open Week 2020 was held in Wujiang, Suzhou, China. With the theme of “Connecting China and Europe, Smarter Future”, more than 12 new materials and processing molding solutions were showcased, including bumper production automation integrated solution, multi-material injection molding, etc.


In an interview with Adsale Plastics Network at the event, Richard Yan, Managing Director of Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., analyzed the outlook of the automotive industry and shared the company’s strategic development plan in India.


Adsale Plastics Network: What are your observations on the market outlook of the Chinese automotive industry?


Richard Yan: For the car (production) volume, it is not likely to achieve double-digit growth like we used to have in the past. However, it does not mean that the industry is not developing. Mobility is considered essential in our daily lives.


As I mentioned at the press conference, we do not expect a substantial growth in volume, but there will be a continuous improvement in quality. YIZUMI is not focusing on the demand generated by the output of the automotive industry. What we are now dealing with is the demand for rapid transformation and upgrade.


In the past, many new processing and technologies were not used in the Chinese automotive industry. In fact, these new processing and technologies do drive the transformation and industry upgrade. These are what we are focusing on now. We are not pursuing volume growth, but we are working with our customers to improve quality in technology applications, and thus enhancing their competitiveness.


In addition, we have also been working on precision molding. Precision molding refers to two things, one is higher precision molding, and the other is more complex molding. You can see that, in our showcase for this event, there are many combinations of different materials, as well as combinations of multi components. Meanwhile, precision molding is facilitated by sophisticated automation systems.


I believe that what we are doing is in line with the transformation goal of the Chinese automotive industry. We can also make our contributions to the transformation and upgrade of China's manufacturing industry.


Richard Yan, Managing Director of Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Adsale Plastics Network: With regard to the global supply chain restructuring, you mentioned that many leading domestic enterprises would like to build facilities in overseas. Can you tell us which application industries these enterprises belong to? Will the supply chain be shifted?


Richard Yan: They are from the automotive parts, E&E, 3C and home appliances industries. We have heard about this kind of information. For example, for the (supply chain of) automotive parts industry, I believe it will be shifted to Mexico and some countries in Southeast Asia. The supply chain shift has already begun.


In addition, the trend is also seen in the electronic communications industry, which is more sensitive to the Sino-US trade talks.


Adsale Plastics Network: What is the development strategy for your production facility in India? How to proceed with the construction of the new factory?


Richard Yan: We will continue to invest in India, which is a medium and long-term strategic movement. Eventually, we will develop our strategy based on where the market is headed. From the anticipation of the future development in India to the global supply chain restructuring, we can see that India is a very important market in our industry. As India has market and demand, we are confident to invest in the country.


Therefore, according to the current situation, our plan to kick off the new plant construction in India in Q4 remains unchanged. The production and operation of our Indian production facility are very stable and smooth. Our order volume remains stable, so we are still confident in the Indian market.



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