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(Interview) Sales of Haitian machines for medical device production hit new highs
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:Tiffany Zhu    Date:31.Dec.2020

Adsale Plastics Network has recently conducted a series of interviews with upstream and downstream players in the industry value chain, in order to understand the impact of increasing demands for COVID-19 testing and vaccination on the plastic industry.


The demand for global COVID-19 nucleic acid tests has led to a surge in related medical devices and consumables. According to Haitian International, most of the nasopharyngeal swab sampling tubes, 96-well micro-plates, pipettes and petri dishes are injection molded products.


The high demands of these products have driven the sales of the leading injection molding machines manufacturer in 2020.

Haitian_medical products_web.jpg

Injection molding machines from Haitian International can produce high-precision medical plastic products.


Sales of two machine series to break historic records


With the expansion of COVID-19 testing and the launch of vaccination, the demands for plastic packaging and disposable injection devices have increased. Many countries have increased the procurement and storage of disposable syringes, medicine vials and other related medical consumables.


The Mars (MA) III series from Haitian and the third generation of electric injection molding machines from Zhafir, a subsidiary of the company, are the main lineups from its portfolio for manufacturing medical products and packaging, Haitian International told Adsale Plastics Network.


The sales of Zhafir's electric machines in 2020 are expected to reach about 4,000 units, representing an increase of 20% when compared with 2019. Meanwhile, the sales of MA series are expected to increase 30% year-on-year and exceed 20,000 units. As said, the sales of these two series are likely to break their historic sales records.


Zhafir’s injection molding machines are suitable for medical consumables production.


Medical industry long for smart manufacturing


Haitian International has noticed that medical device manufacturers are upgrading for smart manufacturing. Therefore, injection molding machines for medical device production have to meet higher requirements of cleanliness, precision and stability, as well as be able to match with different molds and peripherals for automation and secondary pollution prevention.


The third generation of the machines from Haitian International has been optimized for smart manufacturing, with ready to use connection for smart factory management interface.


Moreover, the machines have been specifically adjusted to meet medical standard and better adapt to the production condition of the medical industry.


Haitian International has been expanding production capacity in order to fulfill the increasing orders, and priority has been given to orders from medical devices manufacturers. At the same time, the company is also guiding customers to schedule procurement plans in advance.



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