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Avient to expand production capacity for medical polymers in APAC
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:04.Jan.2021

Avient Corporation has announced that it will equip an existing facility in Singapore with a new production line to meet the growing demand for specialty pre-colored ‘medical grade’ Mevopur polymers in the region.


The new line will be installed at the EN-ISO13485-2016 certified site, and complements similar capabilities in North America and Europe. And Mevopur pre-colored specialty materials are available in a wide range of polymer families.


Avient will equip an existing facility in Singapore with a new production line for ‘medical grade’ Mevopur.

"When our newly added production line is validated and goes on-stream in Singapore next quarter, Avient will be able to increase its capacity to supply these materials, which address the particular needs of the healthcare industry in the Asia Pacific region," said Say-Eng Lee, vice president and general manager, Color & Additives Asia.


Demand from local and regional customers for pre-colored Mevopur materials stems from an increase in the Asia Pacific market for medical and diagnostic devices and pharmaceutical packaging. As part of a global network of ISO13485 sites established starting in 2010, the Singapore facility also plays an important role in supporting product development globally.



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