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WINTEC expands sales of t-win injection molding machines to Europe
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:15.Jan.2021

WINTEC, a member of the ENGEL group of companies headquartered in Austria, is expanding sales of t-win injection molding machines to Europe. This step makes the dual-platen large-scale machines available worldwide.


Since 2014, WINTEC in Changzhou, China, has built high-quality injection molding machines for standard applications. In the six years of its existence, the company has established the brand, first in Asia, later in METAI region (Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and India) and, since 2018, on the American markets. By expanding into Europe, the ENGEL Group is consistently developing its two-brand strategy.


“We are seeing an increasing demand in Europe for standardized injection molding machines that are both powerful and quickly available,” said Dr. Stefan Engleder, CEO of the ENGEL Group.

WINTEC t-win_web.jpg

The hydraulic t-win machines.

The drivers of this development are increasing cost pressure on the one hand and changing product trends on the other. For example, product life cycles are becoming shorter in the domestic appliances sector. Standardized injection molding machines that are quickly available support a short time-to-market here. WINTEC delivers custom-fit solutions for these requirements with price-performance ratio.


“The ENGEL Group is the only supplier in the world that can offer single-source solutions for the entire spectrum of requirements – from standard single-component injection molding to technologically sophisticated applications – with reliable products and systems that have been tried and tested over many years,” as Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the ENGEL Group, emphasized.


t-win injection molding machines are popular for single-component injection molding that does not require any custom technologies, but places high demands on quality and process consistency. The target industries include domestic appliances, technical molding and automotive. The machines are delivered pre-configured, which shortens the time for commissioning.

WINTEC Changzhou_web.jpg

The WINTEC plant is located in Changzhou, China.

WINTEC machines are developed in Europe and produced in China. The production plant in Changzhou is integrated with the ENGEL Group's global quality management system. Following expansion of the location, which was completed in the early summer of 2020 and doubled the production floorspace, WINTEC is well equipped to meet the rising global demand.


The hydraulic dual platen machines from the t-win series are available with clamping forces from 4500 to 18000 kN and feature energy-saving servowin servo-hydraulics as standard. The powerful C3 control unit enables intuitive operator guidance, an ergonomic work approach and flexible integration of robots of a wide range of types and brands, especially the viper linear robot series by ENGEL.


t-win demonstration machines with various clamping forces are available in Austria and other European countries.



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  • Alex

    2021-02-10 17:12:56

    Hello everybody, Last year our company bought 1 new machine Wintec 8500 (Engel) 105mm screw pair. But we had problems with it. The main problem of the injection molding machine is that the injection molding machine does not manage to lift the weight on the received product. After trying to select a mode, Wintec technical support started asking questions, how did you produce products on this mold before? We told them that earlier this product was produced on ChenHsong 800. After that, inquiries

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