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Avient to expand color concentrate production capability in Vietnam
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Jan.2021

Avient Corporation, a premier provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions and services, will complete an expansion of existing production capability for color concentrates at its Binh Duong site in Vietnam by next month.


The move will improve speed-to-market and service level for local customers seeking unique color solutions to enhance aesthetics and appeal of high-quality end products.


“Demand for plastics has become one of the Vietnam economy’s fastest growth areas,” said Say-Eng Lee, vice president and general manager, Color & Additives Asia for Avient. “As consumption grows, requirements for high-quality color concentrates are becoming more challenging as well, as top brands focus on novel color solutions. We have increased our production space by over 30 percent and added to our state-of-the-art machinery portfolio to shorten lead times for developing and producing high-quality color concentrates.”


Avient will expand existing production capabilities for color concentrates in Vietnam by next month.

According to Vietnam Economic News, Vietnam’s plastics industry is currently experiencing an annual growth rate of 16 to 18%, with key segments including packaging, construction and electronics.


Avient’s enhanced local turnaround for color concentrates will support middle to high end markets with consistent color quality, creative application of special effects, and unique colors to enhance product appeal and match branding requirements. With the expansion, Avient will improve lead times for color matching locally.


Moreover, Avient’s sustainable color concentrates can also support steps within the country to encourage plastic waste recycling and reuse. For example, the use of recyclable CESA IR additives, which enable black plastics to be identified for recycling, can reduce the environmental impact of dark colored packaging.


Avient also recently strengthened its global commitment to help customers tackle and overcome the challenge of plastics recycling with the official opening of its new CycleWorks Innovation Center in Italy. The new center will focus on facilitating partnerships and enhancing new technologies to further the viability of recycling.


In addition, Avient offers color concentrates for biodegradable plastics PLA, PHA, PHBV, PBS, PBAT and special blends of those materials, which do not compromise the organic recyclability of the resins they enhance.



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