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Kautex shortens on-site commissioning of new system control to one day
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:25.Jan.2021

The commissioning of complex applications and production systems often takes several days or weeks and is associated with considerable downtimes in which the system has to be taken out of production. Virtual development and testing environments can speed up the implementation on site considerably.


In a recent case, the blow molding expert Kautex Maschinenbau has been able to reduce the on-site commissioning of a new system control to a single day.


Seamless commissioning of systems thanks to optimal preparation on the digital twin.

The change in control was the optimization of the cycle time on the post-processing station of a Kautex KBB400D blow molding machine in Spain. The new control change initially developed in the Kautex factory in Bonn and tested on a virtual post-processing station (IntelliGate module). It was only then that the commissioning at the customer's production location in Spain was carried out by a service technician on site.


The service technician received support from a virtually linked Kautex programmer. The complete process on site with commissioning and final adjustments took only one day. It was therefore possible to restart the system after just half the amount of time that was originally calculated.


Project manager Dirk Hiller of Kautex saw a great deal of potential in the process, “The simulation process which we use for pre-commissioning and testing on virtual Kautex systems reduces time and staffing requirements for the implementation on site. Digital twinning of our machines means that we are now in a better position to adapt the control of the production system to changing conditions and production requirements more quickly.”



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