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Greiner Packaging launches PET yogurt can with glass-look design
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:01.Feb.2021

Greiner Packaging is producing glass-look yogurt packaging for dairy company Molkerei Fuchs in Switzerland. This innovative plastic product is much lighter and more shatterproof while still having very good barrier properties.


Mainly designed for families and multiperson households, the 500-gram PET yogurt can is able to be resealed thanks to its snap-on lid, making it a sustainable solution. The short delivery distance from Greiner Packaging in Diepoldsau to the dairy facility in Rorschach was one of the decisive factors for the supplier.


The innovative PET yogurt can is much lighter and more shatterproof with good barrier properties.

The PET can has already been on the market for a while. Over time, it has been steadily improved in terms of its barrier properties and oxygen permeability. The transparency of the PET material has also been improved to provide an even better glass look.

Since 2019, Molkerei Fuchs has exclusively supplied its strawberry, four-fruit, and vanilla and rhubarb yogurts to the Migros East Switzerland supermarket cooperative in these new PET cans.


And Molkerei Fuchs opted to continue working with Greiner Packaging on this packaging solution. Greiner Packaging's K3 cups have been delivered to the dairy company for many years, and now another packaging innovation has been added to their range in the form of the new PET can.


“We have worked closely with Molkerei Fuchs for a number of years. Our goal is to find the perfect packaging solution for every product and every target group – and work to continuously improve it,” noted Antonios Kampouris, key account manager at Greiner Packaging Switzerland.



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