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Faerch launches new circular mono-PET pots for dairy market
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Feb.2021

Faerch are introducing its new Eco HotPro product family, a new circular mono-PET pot range for hot fill food applications, developed to allow high-temperature sterilization (HTS).


High-temperature sterilization is an important feature in many Dairy categories and requires packaging to withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees. The new Eco HotPro Pot range is based upon Faerch’s proven and market-leading CPET technology, meeting these requirements whilst still being fully circular.


Eco HotPro Pots are made from up to 75% of recycled post-consumer content, not compromising on food safety or any other functional property. After use, they can be recycled to new food grade products of the same quality in an endless number of life cycles.


Faerch launches its new Eco HotPro product family for dairy market.

Legacy material PP, which has so far been widely used for high-temperature sterilization in Dairy applications, is not circular. Like PS, for food safety reasons, PP products need to be made from 100% virgin material. Moreover, they can only be downcycled to non-food applications, contradicting the basic principles of a circular economy.


PP and PS are increasingly affected by implemented legislation across Europe to support the transition towards circularity. Like in other countries, PP will be impacted by the plastic packaging tax taking effect by April 2022 in the UK, as it cannot meet the threshold of a minimum of 30% recycled content in direct food contact applications.


With the new Eco HotPro Pot product family, customers can choose from a wide range of shapes, cut sizes and colors including white. Eco HotPro can also be combined with the unique, award-winning Evolve by Faerch concept, where no extra colors are added to the recycled content the pots are made from.


This creates varying material colors, reflecting the specific blend of recycled content a pot is made from and allowing consumers to immediately recognize the circular nature of the packaging.


“We are proud that we can contribute by introducing our Eco HotPro Pot range allowing Dairies to switch to truly circular packaging solutions,” commented Spencer Johnston, CEO of Faerch UK.


The launch of the Eco HotPro product range is part of a wider product development program to drive the transition of food packaging towards circularity. Faerch’s portfolio of sustainable materials and product offering continues to grow at pace. Faerch have launched a number of product ranges made from up to 100% post-consumer content, and the portfolio will be continuously extended in 2021 to additional applications.


Faerch is increasingly substituting rPET generated from bottles by post-consumer content recycled from food trays to make this valuable resource pool accessible. The tray volumes Faerch have recycled in its integrated recycling facility in the Netherlands correspond to 25 million rPET trays per month, and the numbers are ramping up further.



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