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CHINAPLAS 2021: ENGEL’s smart solutions under spotlight
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:25.Feb.2021

ENGEL will be participating in the CHINAPLAS concurrent event “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” again this year. Customers are increasingly investing in digital solutions, and the trend is reflected in ENGEL’s exhibit.


“Covid-19 has accelerated digitalization in the plastics industry,” says Gero Willmeroth, President East Asia and Oceania at ENGEL. “Our customers are increasingly investing in digital solutions. Smart service and intelligent assistance have become even more prominent in the last twelve months.”


The all-electric and tie-bar-less ENGEL e-motion 80 TL injection molding machine is equipped with many digital products from ENGEL’s inject 4.0 program.

ENGEL will be demonstrating at CHINAPLAS how digitalization potential can be optimally leveraged with the inject 4.0 program.  

Smart assistance systems from ENGEL’s iQ series help plastics processors to leverage the full potential of the injection molding machine. They boost process capability and quality without requiring operators to acquire additional special skills.


During the four days of the exhibition, fluctuating process conditions will be simulated on the CC300 control unit of the e-motion 80 TL machine, and automatic readjustment by the smart assistance systems can be tracked on the machine display.


For example, iQ weight control keeps the injected melt volume consistent throughout the entire injection molding process, while iQ clamp control determines the optimum clamping force based on mold breathing.


Latest smart assistance products on stage


ENGEL is continually developing its smart assistance system portfolio. The latest products of the smart assistance system portfolio to be presented at the fairgrounds include iQ process observer and iQ melt control.


The new iQ process observer continually analyses several hundred process parameters across all four phases of the injection molding process - plasticizing, injection, cooling and part removal - in order to automatically detect drifts. In the form of plain text messages, the system points out unfavorable process settings and conditions as well as the possible causes of them.

The new iQ process observer analyses several hundred process parameters across all phases of the injection molding process. 

In practice, plasticizing often occurs faster than the cycle requires, which can have an impact on product quality and the service life of the screw. iQ melt control therefore determines the optimum plasticizing time. Instead of plasticizing at the maximum possible speed, the system makes full use of the part’s in-mold cooling time for plasticizing, ensuring good melt homogeneity.


Unifying simulation and the real world


Another new feature is sim link, a joint development by ENGEL and Autodesk, the provider of the Moldflow simulation software.


“To date, many findings from the simulation of injection molding processes on the machine remain unused, and this is precisely what is now changing,” explains Willmeroth.

Thanks to sim link, simulation data can be transferred directly to the injection molding machine, and conversely, measurement data records can be imported from the machine control unit into the simulation program.


With the support of the software, the parameters optimized by Moldflow can now be converted into a process settings data set and used directly on the injection molding machine, and conversely, process parameters and measurement results from the injection molding machine can also be imported into Autodesk's simulation program.


“Simulation speeds up the task of creating process settings, mold setup processes and process optimization, in turn significantly boosting productivity. This is increasingly making simulation an affordable competitive edge even for smaller injection molding operations,” adds Willmeroth.



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