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Quarzwerke's new HPF production plant to operate in Korea
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:26.Feb.2021

In the first quarter of 2021, the official start of a new HPF production plant for high-performance fillers will take place in Dangjin, South Korea. The investment underlines the growth course of the innovative Quarzwerke division HPF The Mineral Engineers in Asia.


The Quarzwerke Group is an independent international family business with market position in the extraction, processing and refining of industrial minerals.


After the Group has long had more than 30 production sites in Europe, a world-class production plant with the latest technology and the high safety and sustainability requirements was built in Korea. The wholly owned subsidiary HPF Minerals Tech Ltd. was founded for this purpose.


Quarzwerke's new HPF production plant in Korea.

Ultra-modern aggregates for processing mineral raw materials are available in different sizes. Minerals can be crushed and surface modified from the millimeter to the few hundred nanometer range.


HPF expertise now also in Asia


The surface treatment of mineral fillers with silane-based compounds specially adapted to the customer's polymer exploits the positive properties of the inorganic filler. Grades of the well-known SILBOND and TREMIN product series, among others, which have been tried and tested for decades, will in future also be produced in South Korea.


In addition to silanized products, uncoated mineral flours and products with optimized particle size distributions for higher filling grades round off the production range.


“We are very pleased that production can start on schedule. We want to support our customers in their success with innovative products. Dangjin City is the perfect location to serve the increasing demand of various growth industries throughout Asia and to expand our local business relationships,” said Dr. Jörg Ulrich Zilles, Head of HPF Division.



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