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BASF to virtually showcase its first concept bunk bed at CHINAPLAS 2021
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:04.Mar.2021

At CHINAPLAS 2021, BASF will virtually showcase its first concept bunk bed, developed together with its Creation Center experts and a renowned India design agency – Desmania Designs Pvt. Ltd. The bunk bed’s design reflects the trend towards flexible living solutions for the latest work-from-home movement.


The sofa can convert into a bunk bed when the top section is lifted and locked into place. The space-saving design sits flush to the wall and turns unused vertical space into a bed with another sleeping area below. Thus, no additional floor space is needed.



First concept bunk bed developed by BASF and Desmania where the sofa can convert into a bunk bed.

“The holistic concept of the bunk bed is ideal for home builders who value a style and functionality for creating a modern living space,” said Saurabh Singh, Associate Director, Desmania Designs Pvt. Ltd. “The bunk bed design options show the effect that different styles and functionality have in the same space with the high-quality materials from BASF.”


The Desmania designers and BASF ensured that the multifunctional aspect of the design was incorporated to be used in different ways. Quality materials are selected to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe.


Ultraform POM is used in the joineries and grip on the bed’s base due to its sliding friction properties. The cushions are made with BASF’s Infinergy (E-TPU) particle foams, which combines comfort with robustness. CosyPUR is selected for the bedding as the High-Resilient (HR) foam provides well-balanced firmness. Elastollan TPU’s enhanced traction capabilities made it suitable for the ladder padding to address the safety concern.


“The launch of the bunk bed comes at a time when people are spending more time in apartments and are looking for innovative ways to optimize and improve the utility, usability, and flexibility of their homes,” said Minli Zhao, Vice President, Consumer Industry, BASF Performance Materials Asia Pacific. “Working with these designers has inspired us a new perspective on how we realize innovation with our materials and allowed us to push science forward in the bunk bed.”



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