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Latest version of Belden’s HiOS software ready for industry 4.0
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:11.Mar.2021

Belden Inc., a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, has released the latest version of its Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS). Complete with an embedded Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) server, the software provides a seamless, brand-agnostic solution as industrial automation moves towards Industry 4.0. Belden is the only manufacturer to offer switches that can natively run this communication protocol.


Now with universal communication capability, customers can reap the benefits of a tightly integrated network within the factory automation system, including openness, interoperability and scalability. As the de-facto communications standard for Industry 4.0, OPC provides a communication bridge between all levels of the automation architecture, from embedded components on the factory floor to the enterprise.


Belden’s HiOS Software Upgrade Designed to Meet the Needs of Industry 4.0. (Photo: Shutterstock/Belden)

“We’ve embedded OPC UA directly into our HiOS software to promote interoperability between manufacturers. Now, our hardware speaks a common communication language and can be managed directly within existing industrial applications,” said Mark Cooksley, product line manager at Belden.


Key benefits from the upgraded HiOS software include:


  • Industry 4.0 ready, providing a future-proof solution that ensures existing products will continue to support future technologies

  • Seamless integration into existing OPC UA-based applications

  • Less complexity and higher network availability since there is no requirement for SNMP to OPC gateways


HiOS is good for any industrial setting that requires immediate, reliable communication between devices, especially for machine-to-machine communication and motion control applications.


Comprehensive security features also make it suitable for high-risk industries, such as power transmission and distribution, oil and gas, general manufacturing, automotive, transportation and mass transit, rail-rolling stock, and aerospace markets.



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