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Xaloy to bring screw & barrel solutions for E&E application at CHINAPLS
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:18.Mar.2021

Presentation of the Xaloy Screw & Barrel Technology for electronics injection molding and extrusion applications will be found at CHINAPLAS 2021.


It features screw and barrel packages with designs and materials specifically catering to the processing requirements of high-performance thermoplastic resins, such as PEEK, PPSU and PFA in connector and cable applications. 


Depending on the resin, Xaloy designs a custom screw to meet the specific process requirements, which results in delivering increased output and good mixing with temperature control, and leading to improved and consistent product quality and higher productivity.


The Xaloy Screw & Barrel Technology for electronics to be presented.


Good mixing, distribution, and melt uniformity is guaranteed with the Xaloy Pulsar Mixing Injection Screw with its special geometry. The metering section is divided into alternating sections, which are either deeper or shallower than the average metering depth, causing a gentle tumbling action, and allowing for good distributive mixing. The design is ideal for processing PEEK.


For PPSU, Xaloy recommends the Xaloy Pulsar II Mixing Injection Screw. A modification of the Xaloy Pulsar design, with added reverse interrupting channels for more streamline channeling, this advanced design ensures distributive mixing and enhanced melt homogeneity.


For extrusion of PEEK, PPSU, and PFA, Xaloy offers also a range of custom-tailored screw designs. Optimums design for PEEK incudes the Xaloy Stratablend II Extrusion screw for example. A proprietary screw design with cut-through channels is suitable for intensive chaotic mixing, with low shear and little or no temperature rise.


Xaloy barrels complement the innovative screw designs. Xaloy feature different inlays for wear resistance for the specific applications. The standard Xaloy X-102 inlay, a nickel-rich iron-boron alloy, offers a cost-effective choice when processing unfilled or lightly filled polymers.


The Xaloy X-800 inlay, a nickel-based alloy with tungsten carbide provides good abrasion and corrosion resistance against corrosive polymers and is far more wear-resistant than iron-based, iron-chromium and nickel-cobalt alloys.



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