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Clariant announces official opening of new Campus in Shanghai
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:25.Mar.2021

lariant has announced the official opening of its One Clariant Campus in Shanghai, China. Across a total floor space of approximately 24,000 m2, the Campus will be home to Clariant’s Greater China Operational Headquarters as well as the Innovation Center China.


“The One Clariant Campus is an important milestone for our dedicated China strategy. By locating our teams in the China organization under one roof and providing them with state of the art equipment in the Clariant Innovation Center China, we increase their ability to innovate and to exchange insights on market trends and customer needs,” said Conrad Keijzer, CEO of Clariant.


The Chinese market represented 10% of Clariant’s sales in 2020, totaling CHF 402 million. In order to increase its share of the Chinese market, the company pursues a strategy of becoming a true “China Insider” by fostering five local elements: insight, competitiveness, empowerment, innovation and partnering.


The One Clariant Campus in Shanghai enhances the company's local innovation capabilities in China.


To achieve this, Clariant invests significantly in China. In addition to the CHF 45 million invested in the Campus, Clariant recently announced the construction of a new CATOFIN catalysts production facility in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and its joint venture facility with Tiangang Auxiliary in Cangzhou, Hebei province, is opening soon.


“While the new facilities will greatly enhance the abilities of our own teams, we will also step up our cooperation with local key customers and key suppliers by inviting them to co-locate in our center for the joint development of next generation products,” commented Martin Vollmer, Clariant’s Chief Technology Officer.


Located in Shanghai’s XinZhuang Industrial Park, the One Clariant Campus spans a total of approximately 24,000 m2, consisting of slightly more than 13,000 m2 lab areas and close to 11,000 m2 of office & conference center.


It serves as the principal office location for some 350 employees. Sustainable building design was an important element in the construction of the Campus.


Andy Walti, Head of Clariant Region China and Asia-Pacific, added, “With this investment, Clariant shows its long term commitment to China and increases its focus on all 3 top priorities, namely customer experience, innovation drive and footprint enlargement.”



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