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CHINAPLAS 2021: Borouge’s premier solutions under spotlight
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:VC    Date:29.Mar.2021

At CHINAPLAS, Borouge will be highlighting the company’s multiple newly developed solutions of fully recyclable and circular packages, enabled with differentiated PE and PP products Anteo, Anbiq and Borstar.


The solutions have been commercialized, including a full PE solution to replace PET in detergent pouches, a new e-commerce solution containing both virgin PE and high amounts of post-consumer recyclate, and many others, all without compromising the performance, efficiency and aesthetics requirements for the package.


In addition, Anbiq will make its debut at the exhibition, too. It is an enhanced LLDPE resin produced using the proprietary Borstar bimodal technology, combined with smart catalyst design and comonomer incorporation. It offers a balance of mechanical properties, sealing performance, easy processing and good optics in flexible film applications, whilst contributes to the circular economy.


Anbiq was developed for sustainable flexible packaging applications.


Meanwhile, the Borlink LS4201S will be revealed in Asia for the first time. It is a Supercure XLPE for rated voltage up to 230kV, with two key features of low scorch performance and a reduced degassing burden, compared to conventional XLPE. The low scorch feature enables the production of extensive cable lengths without factory joints, driving ease of installation and reduced risk of failure.


Borlink LS4201S features properties which enable advanced and efficient cable production.


A reduced degassing burden also shortens the production lead-time for cable makers, especially in long submarine cable applications. Therefore, Borlink LS4201S is an insulation material of choice for 220kV submarine cables in complex applications such as transmitting energy from offshore wind farms.



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