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OQ gets ready to expand polymer horizons at CHINAPLAS 2021
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:29.Mar.2021

OQ is attending CHINAPLAS 2021 and showcasing its diversified solutions and products as part of their expanding polymer portfolio. OQ has also made future-shaping investments such as their state-of-the-art LPIC project, securing a reliable and sustainable supply of polypropylene and polyethylene to meet global demand.


CHINAPLAS represents an opportunity for industry stakeholders to contribute practices, offer innovative polymer solutions, and work collaboratively to meet common market challenges. OQ aims to leverage its combined expertise and knowledge across the petrochemical value chain and advanced materials to solve tomorrow's challenges together.


OQ aims to expand polymer horizons at CHINAPLAS 2021 with a special focus on building local partnerships.

“One of our main strengths at OQ is our commitment to remaining dynamic transformers by working alongside our partners' technical and engineering teams as a seamless extension and integral part of our global clients' R&D roadmap,” said Gilles Rochas, Vice President of Performance Chemicals at OQ.


By providing a dedicated application development team, OQ has a proven track record of creating new and optimized avenues to make more possible. Through the integrated company's active hub solutions in the Southeast Asia region, converters, processors, and compounders have a reliable partner in selecting and optimizing innovative new grades.


OQ has a dedicated customer relation team in China and Singapore to support the region's customers in their local language as well.


“We pride ourselves in helping our clients through accelerated delivery times and providing support to meet their energy-efficiency and sustainability goals by working hand-in-hand with them in a tailored and locally-focused approach,” noted Trevor Robinson, Marketing Manager at OQ.


As part of OQ's CHINAPLAS booth activities, Chinese industry influencers will be invited to attend a talk series entitled “Imagine the possibilities with OQ”, where attendees will learn about how OQ makes more possible through its people-focused partnerships and product innovation.


Moreover, visitors to OQ's CHINAPLAS booth will experience displays of the company's three main product categories focusing on high-growth demand solutions including flexible packaging, rigid packaging & durables, as well as infrastructure & construction.



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