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A wealth of solutions from KRAIBURG TPE for different applications
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:13.Apr.2021

Global thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) producer KRAIBURG TPE showcases its high quality products and custom-engineered solutions at the exhibition. These TPE compounds are recyclable at the end of their application lives.


Weather-resistance property for automotive exterior

One of the highlights is THERMOLAST K TPE compound for the automotive sector. These compounds deliver enhanced UV radiation-resistance and weather-proofing advantages for automotive exterior parts.

In addition, KRAIBURG TPE’s TPE compounds’ excellent and robust adhesion to polymers, including PP, PP+30% glass fiber, SAN,ASA, PMMA, PC/ABS, PA6 and EPDM+PP, allow design innovation and easy processing in 2-K component injection molding.

With TPE compounds’ advantage of long-lasting performance in automotive exterior parts, significant cost-savings for users on vehicle maintenance and long-term care can be achieved.


Design flexibility for consumer electronics and wearables

Design innovations in the consumer electronics applications are enriching user experience. Custom-engineered TPE solutions from KRAIBURG TPE pitch desirable features in wearable devices such as soft touch and resistance to scratch and chemicals.

Other additional benefits offered by the solutions include ergonomic characteristics and easy coloring qualities.

Among others, watch and wrist bands, headphones, ear tips, games console, wireless automatic sensor, car phone holder and charger, virtual reality (VR) devices, remote controls are the possible applications of the solutions.

TPE_Cosmetic Packaging 3_WEB.jpg

KRAIBURG TPE’s products are suitable for cosmetics packaging, consumer electronics applications, and more.


Sustainability and functionality for cosmetics packaging

KRAIBURG TPE’s product series meet the requirements for environmentally-friendly and functional designs, suitable for cosmetics and skin care packaging. Meanwhile, the soft-touch surface characteristics provide a silky and velvety surface for packaging.

The producer’s compounds comply with international food-grade safety standards, such as the GuoBiao (GB) standards (GB4806:2016) in China for food regulations, the Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and Code of Federation Regulation Title 21 (21CFR) of the US Food and Drug Administrator (FDA).

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