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Erema's new equipment helps doubling bottle-to-bottle PET recycling capacity
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:29.Apr.2021

Resilux, a leading PET bottle and preform producer, has announced a major new technology investment which will result in them doubling their bottle-to-bottle PET recycling capacity. Using the advanced equipment from Erema, it is Resilux’s latest step in their drive to create a truly circular economy in PET.


The new VACUNITE bottle-to-bottle system enables Resilux to significantly ramp up their production of food grade recycled PET. The new investment has been made in response to increased customer demand and the expectation that production will increase in the future.



Erema's new VACUNITE bottle-to-bottle system.

Marcel van de Sande, Resilux Group Chief Operating Officer, said, “The new technology puts us in the perfect position to ride the next green wave by using the power of PET.”


The equipment is to be installed at the company’s Bilten location in Switzerland where the Resilux Group Recycling competence center is based. The investment reinforces Resilux’s commitment to making a complete sustainability loop by creating solutions that are best not only for the products they package, but also for the wellbeing of people and the planet.



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