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A review and a preview: Five major technology trends revealed at CHINAPLAS 2021
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:29.Apr.2021

With a total of 152,134 visitors attending, the four-day CHINAPLAS 2021 was successfully held from 13 - 16 Apr in Shenzhen, China. There were countless new technologies and product solutions for the plastics and rubber industries showcased at the trade fair.


CHINAPLAS 2021 was successfully concluded at high note.

As a review of CHINAPLAS 2021, CPRJ concludes five major development trends reflected out of such many exhibits and on-site interviews.


Sustainable materials for facilitation of circular economy


The plastics industry is undergoing a transformation to meet the targets of “carbon neutrality”, “emission peak” and different regulations related to plastics. Therefore, numerous sustainable material solutions were brought out at the exhibition.


SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, presented a series of high-performance material solutions in packaging, automotive, building & construction, healthcare, and consumer goods.


SABIC introduced the lenses of sunglasses made from LEXAN PC.

Especially, SABIC has partnered with eyewear lens leader POLYRAY to apply its certified renewable feedstock-based LEXAN polycarbonate (PC) resin, part of SABIC TRUCIRCLE portfolio and services for lenses of sunglasses, safety glasses, and sports goggles.


Covestro announced that it will launch a novel zero carbon footprint polycarbonate within this year as an important step towards a circular economy. It is reported that the Makrolon polycarbonate products are made from alternative raw materials and by renewable energy.


Phone cases made from Covestro's recycled polycarbonate.

eSUN displayed its biodegradable raw materials and products. Among them, film bags, injection molding products, straws, and coating products gained much attention.


eSUN's biodegradable bioplastic products.

More advanced and digitalized manufacturing of automotive

The increase in levels of automotive electrification, networking and digitalization accelerate the development of material technologies.

DuPont demonstrated the application of its material solutions in powertrain, chassis, electronics, thermal management and air intake of vehicles. For example, its long carbon chain nylon can be used in cooling pipes and thermoplastic air-conditioning pipes of vehicles.


DuPont's booth at CHINAPLAS 2021.

LANXESS's Durethan BKV45FN04 is suitable for the manufacture of battery frames and high-voltage connectors thanks to its high rigidity and strength. The product is with the latest flame retardancy and thermal stability, providing good degassing and defrosting performance as well as high long-term thermal stability and high surface quality.


LANXESS's solutions for new energy vehicles.

RadiciGroup’s newly developed KB and KN meet the requirements of EU regulations for DPPD management and control. They also avoid the problems of plastic parts caused by electrochemical corrosion and therefore ensure the safety of use.


RadiciGroup’s showcase of automotive parts.

Kurz presented the applications of hot stamping and IMD PUR process in automotive parts and air intake grilles. According to the company, hot stamping can replace electroplating so as to help solve the pollution problem during automotive manufacturing process. Hot stamping can as well be used for automotive exterior film, backlit pattern interior design and so on.


Kurz's sample of car intake grill.

The widely-discussed smart manufacturing solutions

Xie Pengcheng, Doctoral Tutor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Secretary General of China Plastics Expert Association, commented that complete solutions featuring automation are getting popular in smart manufacturing. He added that companies like Haitian, Yizumi, and Tederic have basically developed such solutions.


Xie Pengcheng, Doctoral Tutor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Secretary General of China Plastics Expert Association.

Gao Shiquan, Head of DS Department, Haitian Group, introduced that the Haitian Zhafir electric machine ZE2300WM-300-160 uses modular multi-component technology and a variety of supporting processes, providing more options for the mixed manufacturing of liquid silicone and other plastic materials.


Gao Shiquan, Head of DS Department, Haitian Group.

Du Jiang, General Manager, Injection Molding Business Unit at Donghua Machinery Ltd., told that the company’s D series all-electric injection molding machines are with integrated designs of servo motor, server and control system. They perform high control accuracy and are suitable for the production of medical products.


Du Jiang, General Manager, Injection Molding Business Unit at Donghua Machinery Ltd.

High performance polymers for medical applications


Under the new practice of the pandemic prevention, medical plastics play an important role in the medical and healthcare industries.


SABIC has launched a new generation of cold chain packaging material solutions, covering its LEXANTM 8040 and 8B45 polycarbonate films, which can meet the ultra-low temperature requirements of the COVID-19 vaccines during transportation and storage.


Products made from SABIC's LEXAN HP series medical grade polycarbonate.

ZYSJ Medical, a service provider of medical polymer solutions, focuses on the medical plastic industry for several years. The company distributes various medical-grade polymers imported from Japan, South Korea and other places, and develops customized medical-grade materials.


The Vivion cyclic block copolymer delivered by ZYSJ Medical has the characteristics of high purity and high transparency.

Arburg illustrated a fully automated manufacturing system for pipette tips. An Allrounder 470 H with a clamping force of 1,000 kN uses a hot runner mold to produce 48 pipette tips in a cycle time of approximately six seconds.

5G leads to improvement of materials and processes

In the future, 5G, new energy, photovoltaic and high-performance packaging materials will be having irreplaceable technical advantages.


JCtimes Group has been working on technical research in the field of multi-layer co-extrusion, and attaches great importance to simulation analysis research and big data integration from material sources.


Liang Bin, President of JCtimes Group.

According to Liang Bin, President of JCtimes Group, the new 2.5D multi-layer co-extrusion algorithm means that through the real analysis calculation of the film series multi-layer composite, it achieves precise analysis which was difficult to be done by the traditional method.

Kingfa showed a series of high-performance material solutions for weight reduction, wave transmission, and weather resistance to help shape 5G smart life, including: applications for 5G base station vibrators, AAU radomes, RRU radomes, optical fiber subframes, antenna covers and other key components materials.


Kingfa's booth at CHINAPLAS 2021.

Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd provides innovative solutions for electrical equipment which are mainly used in electronic product shells, adhesives and basic materials. They perform lightweight, strong impact resistance, light transmission and insulation to satisfy diversified needs and empower 5G applications.


Wanhua Chemical displayed product solutions at the show.


Read more at: https://www.adsalecprj.com/en/exhibition_index.html?pl_id=92


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