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battenfeld-cincinnati extends the application range of its uniEX extruders
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:30.Apr.2021

The uniEX single screw extruder series from battenfeld-cincinnati Germany GmbH is now also available for sheet and board extrusion. Highlights of this extruder series are compact design, a wide processing window and high throughputs with gentle melt treatment.


uniEX extruders allow space-saving concepts, since thanks to their U design they can be installed much more compactly than previous models. This not only ensures a smaller overall footprint of the line, but also shorter melt channels, which in turn has a positive effect on purging time and material consumption.


uniEX Single screw extruder.

Following the extension of its process engineering options, the uniEX series is now also available for sheet and board extrusion lines in three sizes (35, 45 and 60 mm), and thus replaces all older series. The output rates range from 50 kg/h to 500kg/h, depending on the material.


The pronounced modularity of the extruders enables them to perform virtually any type of special processing task. A wide range of different plasticizing units is available to cover every application. These come with a choice of either grooved or smooth feed zones. Fitting the extruders with a degassing unit, as is required for ABS processing, presents no problem either.


Moreover, a great variety of different mechanical engineering options are available, such as screw extraction to the rear, a gearless drive via torque motor or flexible positioning of the control cabinet. Extensive standardization in production ensures high quality and fast availability of parts and consequently short delivery times and quick troubleshooting in case of problems.


The models of the uniEX series enables wide process and application window and has ability to process a great variety of different materials thanks to specific screw geometries.



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