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Archroma launches new water-based polymeric binder with renewable materials
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:JK    Date:04.Jun.2021

Archroma has launched Appretan NTR6304, a water-based polymeric binder based on renewable natural ingredients. The new product in the Appretan NTR range offers a soft handfeel option and displays an even higher content based on natural, renewable raw materials.


The first product in the Appretan NTR range, Appretan NTR6553 was launched in 2019, offering a binder option to manufacturers and brands looking to reduce the use of fossil fuel based resources without compromising performance.


More than 30% of Appretan NTR6553’s active content is based on a polysaccharide from renewable raw materials, and the new Appretan NTR6304 brings this level higher at 40% of its active content.


The new grade allows an option for textile and paper-based articles that require a soft handfeel, such as nonwoven cleaning rags, whereas Appretan NTR6553 was designed for food filtration articles where a hard element is needed with good boiling water resistance such as for coffee filters or tea bags. The two grades can be blended together to provide customized handfeel effects.


Initially developed for the chemical bonding of non-wovens and coating of textiles, the Appretan NTR range displays good film forming properties and very hydrophobic behavior. In addition, the unique chemistry of these binders makes them resistant to water as well as mild solvents and also provides an increase in dry and wet tensile strength.


The products can be applied by impregnation or different coating techniques, whether paste or foam. They can also be applied in combination with other crosslinkers as its bio-polymer content provides high crosslinking functionality.


Moreover, in order to ensure that customers and brands can reap the full performance and sustainable potential of the Appretan NTR grades, Archroma has created two new compostable binder systems, named NATURE BOUND and RAG N’ ROLL, especially for nonwoven cleaning rags and food filters.


The properties of Archroma's Appretan NTR product range:


l   Appretan NTR products have therefore been designed so that optimum properties can be achieved without additional curing step at high temperature compared to the industry standard process

l   The range does not contain biocides or alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO) and does not release formaldehyde

l   The products have a biodegradability of over 80% and are truly compostable, unlike most competition products available on the market

l   Appretan NTR complies with global food contact standards, such as FDA 176 -170, BfR XXXVI and BfR XXXVI/1, which certifies the suitability of the end-product even in conditions such as immersion in boiling water

l   The Appretan NTR grades are Bluesign registered and compliant to the GOTS 6.0 requirements and to Oekotex Standard 100



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