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Froneri orders 100 million certified renewable PP ice cream cups
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:22.Jun.2021

The multinational ice cream manufacturer Froneri, a joint venture between Nestlé and R&R Ice Cream, has placed an order with MPG Manifattura Plastica S.p.A for 100 million plastic cups made from TotalEnergies Certified Renewable Polypropylene for their brand Coppa del Nonno.


This renewable polypropylene produced from bio-based naphtha offers virgin-like performances with a reduced carbon footprint and is fully recyclable. MPG is the first company in Italy to be certified for the production of rigid plastic food packaging from renewable feedstock.


This value chain partnership combines TotalEnergies’ technologies and MPG’s plastics conversion expertise to meet Froneri’s sustainability objectives and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of food packaging.


TotalEnergies, MPG Manifattura Plastica S.p.A. and Froneri announce the commercial launch of bio-based ice cream plastic cups made from certified renewable PP.

"This innovative collaboration with MPG and Froneri supports our goal of reaching a leading position in polymers from renewable feedstock and meets a strong demand from our customers. The development of this new pathway also contributes to our ambition of producing 30% recycled polymers by 2030,” said Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President, Polymers at TotalEnergies.


Giampiero Perego, Chairman of MPG, commented, “This is an important innovation, both for our company and for brand owners. It allows to put on the market a product with a reduced environmental impact, saving up to 2.4 kg of CO2 for each kg of polymer used compared to conventional polymers from fossil feedstock.”


“This important step into a more sustainable packaging route for Coppa del Nonno, the coffee ice cream leading brand in Italy, is an evidence of the growing focus that Froneri is putting behind the topic of sustainability for the company and its consumers,” expressed Giulia Massoli Taddei, Head of Marketing at Froneri Italy.


TotalEnergies Certified Renewable Polymers follow ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) scheme that secures the chain of custody and traceability along the value chain from feedstock to final product.



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