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Lloyd Instruments optimizes its materials testing software
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:05.Jul.2021

Materials testing equipment specialist Lloyd Instruments, a brand under AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration (STC), announces the launch of its NexygenPlus 4.1 materials testing software.


Combined with the company’s advanced LS or LD Series materials testing machines, NexygenPlus 4.1 offers a strong solution for the rubber and plastics industry where tests of tyres, O rings, pipes, bottles, shoe soles, plastic films, dumbells, medical plastics, tubing, and more can accurately be carried out in accordance with international standards. The test solution is suitable for testing the physical properties of raw material prior to processing, and for the development of new designs.


Like its predecessor, the powerful Windows-based NexygenPlus 4.1 software holds a vast library of pre-defined test setups for a wide range of applications and include tension, compression, 3 and 4 point bend, and shear tests as well as tests for checking the “slip” of plastic wrapping film, the torque of bottle tops and the peel of adhesive seals.


The pre-defined test setups make the software quick and easy to operate. The user can also choose to create custom multi-stage tests for more complex or unique test requirements.


The Windows-based NexygenPlus 4.1 software.

Also, new to the 4.1 version of NexygenPlus is the intuitive user interface, which resembles the Microsoft Office user interface. The navigation has been simplified to improve the ease of use while maintaining the original advanced functionality that characterizes the popular NexygenPlus software.


Entire tests can be videoed and synchronized with the stress/strain data and replayed for detailed post-test analysis. A powerful optional security and audit trail module provide 100% traceability and the software provides full automation capacity for automatic testing.


Besides, NexygenPlus 4.1 interacts with Excel and Word and offers its user the possibility of automatically transferring test results directly to the organizations’ own templates without user intervention. Live graphs are available during testing, SPC data is continuously monitored, and built-in export utilities assist direct connection to LIMS systems.


NexygenPlus 4.1 can be purchased as an upgrade to the older NexygenPlus versions, or as part of a complete solution including IQ/OQ and result calculation verification. Batch files used with previous versions of the software can be imported to NexygenPlus 4.1 so customers can seamlessly transition to the new version.



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