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Röchling Industrial invests in new site to serve the healthcare industry
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:16.Jul.2021

The international plastics processor Röchling Industrial is investing in a new site for its subsidiary Röchling Industrial Laupheim. On 1 July, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new production and office building was held at the new site in Burgrieden in the “Am Flugplatz” business park.


This investment is to stay abreast of the strong growth of the Röchling subsidiary in Laupheim and to provide additional space for growth at the new location.

Owing to strong demand, Röchling Industrial needs new capacities, especially for further growth in the healthcare industry. 1,200 square meters are planned for the healthcare industry at the new location. In addition, Röchling will produce under clean-room conditions at the new site for its customers, for instance particle-free finishing, assembly of items and component assemblies, and packaging.

Michael Haller, CEO of Röchling Industrial Laupheim, said, "We will continue to push and expand the healthcare industry. We want to be number 1 in the machining of high-precision components made of thermoplastics for the healthcare industry, in the region, in Germany and in Europe."


Röchling Industrial held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction.

With its 18 subsidiaries, Röchling Industrial Laupheim is part of the world’s largest group of companies for plastic machining. Within the Röchling Industrial division this group specializes in the machining production of high-precision CNC turned and milled components made of thermoplastics in accordance with customers’ drawings.


The components are used in demanding industries such as healthcare, water engineering, sensor and control technology and in building cranes.

The “Am Flugplatz” business park in Burgrieden offers sufficient space for expansion. A piece of land with a total of 24,000 square meters was acquired in the business park with an option of further expansion.


The planned new building comprises 7,500 square meters of production area and 1,000 square meters for the administration. The production area is to be expanded by another 2,500 square meters in the medium term.


The planned new Röchling Industrial Laupheim plant in Burgrieden.

The planning of the new location is based on the latest insights of supply chain management to optimize internal material flow and processes.


Rudolf Karremann, Managing Director Production & Engineering of Röchling Industrial Laupheim, mentioned, "By optimizing production routes and processes, we increase efficiency, shorten lead times and thus reduce delivery times for our customers. In addition, new production facilities and the clean room create new opportunities for us to offer our customers."


Moreover, in planning the new building, special attention was paid to sustainability. Heat recovery systems in the new building will use the heat from the compressed air compressors to heat the building and cool it in summer.


In addition, plastic shavings from production are separated according to type and regranulated, contributing to resource efficiency. 20 charging stations for electric vehicles will also be installed.



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