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Covestro develops blown TPU film with rigid PP liners for wound dressings
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Jul.2021

Covestro has developed several material solutions, which facilitate a cost-efficient and simple production of wound dressings and wearables. The combination of a polypropylene (PP) liner with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) blown films, in particular, proved to be suited to meet today's high demands for functionality and freedom of design. It also reduces the generation of dust that can interfere with the clean manufacture of medical products at the customer's site.


Producing wound dressings and plasters, as well as medical wearables, involves a multi-stage process. Various coating and cutting processes can be employed to convert the products to achieve different desired functions.


Covestro has developed material solutions that enable a cost-effective and simple production of wound dressings and wearables.

For instance, the liner material is often given a wavy cut (S-cutting) to allow clinicians to quickly remove the carrier when applying the dressing. In other cases, the outer edge of the carrier is not coated with adhesive and can therefore be easily lifted to remove it (finger lift).


PP liners are relatively stiff and therefore offer sufficient strength, for example when gently creating windows without damaging the underlying layer, or when transferring the adhesive layer to the product. At the same time, they are flexible enough to optimally cover curved body parts such as hands, ankles and shoulders. PP carriers can also be combined with multilayer TPU films, for example to produce individual properties.


The blown film technology enables high speed production and enhanced efficiency. Blown TPU film on PP liner features a wide range of surface qualities from silky to extra matt. In addition, various colors are offered in different skin tones. Covestro has a range of TPU films with polyethylene (PE) liner and is developing paper carriers.


The Platilon XM range of TPU extra matt blown films from Covestro is suitable for use in wound management as well as other medical applications as they are breathable and with soft texture. These types also have an extra matte surface. This offers lower friction with textiles and they also do not reflect much light, allowing them to be used as incision drapes in brightly lit operating rooms to eliminate distraction of surgeons as little as possible from their work.



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