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PACCOR and partners close loops for packaging in restaurant chains
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:05.Aug.2021

As a global player in the packaging industry, PACCOR is committed to implementing closed recycling loops for its customers. Since June 2021, the company is turning plastic cups and trays used by Cojean for table service into a resource for new plastic products, thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Tri.O & Greenwhishes.


With this ambitious goal, PACCOR wants to be a first mover in changing the way plastic packagings are designed, produced, disposed of and reprocessed. The company has developed 100% rPET products manufactured locally for minimal environmental footprint and is tackling the issue of collecting its products from consumption sites in order to reuse them in production.


After the ‘Circular Events’ project, through which PACCOR is collecting beverage cups and food plastic containers from show venues and sporting complexes, and the implementation of a circular system in the airline industry, the company is working on closed recycling loops for plastics disposed of in quick service restaurant chains after table service.


PACCOR, Cojean, and Tri.O & Greenwhishes turn plastic cups and trays used in the restaurant chains into a resource for new plastic products.

PACCOR, Cojean, a forerunner for waste management in the fast-food industry, and Tri.O & Greenwishes, a proponent of the French recycling ecosystem, joined forces at the beginning of the year to implement the first closed loop for plastic containers in quick service restaurant chains.


Six months later, a first recycling stream is operational. A second one will follow soon for an estimated volume of 40 to 60 tons of PET collected at Cojean’s restaurants and reused for Cojean’s packagings.


“It is important for us to cooperate with partners who share this philosophy, such as Tri.O & Greenwishes and PACCOR,” said Stéphane Jitiaux, CEO of Cojean. “We are proud that Cojean has been recognized by the French Minister for the Environment as a company which delivers on its promises.”


“Cojean is deeply committed in recycling, and asked Tri.O & Greenwishes to provide solutions for all wastes (from plastic to food). Their approach is exemplary. With PACCOR joining the team, we can now have a real circular system for plastics, it is an important step forward,” commented Matthieu de Chanaleilles, President of Tri.O & Greenwishes.


“We are proud of being part of this success,” concluded Nicolas Lorenz, CCO of PACCOR. “The Cojean project is fully in line with our CARE strategy, through which we aim at partnering along the value chain to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders and deliver change at scale.”



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