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Hosokawa Alpine launches new film winder for demanding applications
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:11.Aug.2021

Hosokawa Alpine, one of the leading suppliers in the field of process technology and film extrusion, presents the AW winder, a new development that offers high performance for demanding applications.


The model is manufactured at Alpine's subsidiary Hosokawa Kolb GmbH in Niederkassel and combines and expands the advantages of the two existing models, the winder model 700 and the AWD winder.


"With the new AW winder, our customers benefit from maximum flexibility and the best reel quality. We have been able to optimize the effective reel change time to less than 45 seconds - this is top in the industry and saves valuable time," explained Dr. Holger Niemeier, Managing Director and Head of Blown Film Extrusion at Hosokawa Alpine.


Hosokawa Alpine AG introduces new high-performance film winder.

Dr. Holger Niemeier continued that, smart and future-proof technology also includes the interface to the ExVis 5 process visualization system, so that operating and process data can be visualized in a user-friendly way and optimally managed.


The AW winder allows working widths of 1,000 to 3,000 mm and a roll diameter of up to 1,500 mm. The winding speed is up to 300 m/min with a maximum tensile force of 250 N. The winding shaft diameter is detected automatically. Winding shafts are available in 3, 6 and 8 inch versions.


Existing shafts from the Kolb 700 series, widely used by Alpine customers, can be further used. The pre nip is integrated into the winding station or separate, depending on the customer's requirements. In case of a telescoped reel blocking the reel change, there is an operating function allowing its release and completion of the reel change. In this way, production can continue without interruption.


The AW winder can wind in both directions (right and left) thanks to its reverse function. "In addition, clever software functions are available to customers. Thus, an initiated reel change can be stopped again without disturbing the process, for example if a winding core was prepared incorrectly. Furthermore, the trends of the tensile stresses can be displayed and monitored for the best quality of the end product," added Dr. Holger Niemeier.


In addition, more options are available, such as oscillating longitudinal slitting units, additional spreader rollers, winding shaft lifting devices, winding shaft magazines or edge trim management.



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