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LEHVOSS to highlight sustainable compounds at Fakuma 2021
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:12.Aug.2021

For the LEHVOSS Group, the Fakuma 2021 will be themed as how the increased sustainability requirements of customers can be better met with sophisticated high-performance compounds and the intelligent use of recycled polymers and fibers.


Materials for structural lightweight construction


The LUVOCOM XCF products have stood for carbon fiber reinforced (CF) thermoplastic compounds of the extra class with mechanical properties. The latest development from this family is a product based on PPA with strength of 425 MPa, a stiffness of 47 GPa, a tensile elongation of 1.4% and 100 kJ/m2 for the impact strength. It is a real alternative to light metals in many applications with the low density of 1.37 g/cm3.


LEHVOSS' own XCF technology can be transferred to all thermoplastics. Products based on PA 66, PPS, PPA, PEEK and other polymers are already in the extensive XCF portfolio. In principle, the compounds can be processed on conventional injection molding machines and tools.


For applications that require high chemical resistance with an even lower weight and good mechanical properties at the same time, LUVOCOM 60-50097 based on PP with CF is new to the portfolio and an alternative to materials based on PA 6 and PA 66 with CF and GF (glass fibers). It offers good mechanics on the market for this material combination: strength 170 MPa, stiffness 18 GPa, notched impact strength 11 kJ/m2.


3Dprinted impeller made of LUVOCOM 3F eco PET 50291 BK.

With LUVOCOM 1105-50303, a PEEK compound reinforced with hollow glass spheres was brought onto the market, which with a density of only 1.01 g/cm3 is predestined for structural lightweight construction. The compound is manufactured using a specially adapted compounding process in order to avoid damage to the hollow glass spheres. The material is also characterized by a low heat capacity and a very good mechanical property profile, making it particularly suitable for thin-wall extrusion.


Also, LEHVOSS has developed various high-performance, physiologically harmless endothermic propellant masterbatches. These new highly loaded products can be used with very low dosages (from 0.1%) in injection molding and extrusion.


Sustainable solutions


The new LUVOTECH eco products are a major expansion of the LUVOTECH product line. This product line combines the usual high and reliable performance with the use of recycled raw materials. All products in the LUVOTECH eco line are characterized by a significantly improved CO2 footprint, which can be reduced by up to 90% when using PEEK or carbon fiber recyclates, for example.


When it comes to material recycling, the LEHVOSS Group largely concentrates on the upper end of the material pyramid in the areas of engineering plastics and high-performance plastics and offers recyclate-based products from PC/ABS to PA to PEEK.


Recycled materials in 3D printing


The need for sustainable materials is also growing in the field of 3D printing. For such requirements, the LEHVOSS Group has developed the LUVOCOM 3F eco PET, which is 90% based on recycled PET. This is currently the highest known recycling rate on the market.


3D printed molds, finished CFRP orthotic.

The LUVOCOM 3F eco PET can be used in both FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and FGF (Fused Granulate Fabrication) processes. Like all products from the LUVOCOM 3F product line, this material is also with good processability and product properties.


In addition to the development of materials, holistic considerations are also important for reducing the CO2 footprint. For a case study, the mold manufacturing process using 3D printing was examined with the company adViva.


LUVOCOM 3F PET CF 9780 BK was selected as the material. This is characterized by high strength and temperature resistance. It has good chemical resistance and is easy to print. Since minimal use of material is taken into account in the construction of the model - supported by the high strength of the selected 3D printing material - it is possible to work with little infill. This results in an even smaller volume of material as residual material.


High-performance compounds for medical technology


Furthermore, the LEHVOSS Group has been developing high-performance plastics for medical technology. Besides the materials for mechanically highly stressed surgical instruments, a focus is on modern colors based on PEEK high-performance plastics, which are available unreinforced and fiberglass-reinforced. The new product portfolio covers a wide, standardized color spectrum and offers advantages and a high degree of flexibility.



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