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Lubrizol's new polymer technology improves lithium-ion battery performance
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:17.Aug.2021

Lubrizol introduces new Electro-Rite Polymer Technology for lithium-ion battery-cell construction to deliver new performance capabilities. The technology includes polymers designed to improve performance of electrodes, separators, and electrolyte components.


Specifically, Electro-Rite polymer technology can help enhance binder slurry formulation, aid in the formulation of advanced anodes and separators, and deliver new primer capabilities. Some early products from this new technology include:


Lubrizol has presented its new Electro-Rite technologies for battery cell construction.

  • Electro-Rite BD020 polymer provides combined binder and dispersion capabilities to silicon, silicon oxide, graphite and ceramic particles commonly used in separators and anode coatings. It can also be used for the preparation of electrode primers to improve overall battery performance

  • Electro-Rite BD040 polymer is a unique wetting aid for dispersion of silicon, silicon oxide, graphite and carbon nanotube particles designed to improve energy density and life of lithium-ion batteries

  • Electro-Rite AL003 polymer is a highly efficient aqueous suspension aid and rheology modifier that delivers superior control during coating process

  • Electro-Rite BB002 polymer is a unique binder component that imparts outstanding flexibility in separator coatings for lithium-ion batteries

  • Electro-Rite BB003 polymer is a unique binder component that enhances adhesion of ceramic coatings to polyolefin films used as separators in lithium-ion batteries


“Lubrizol has provided solutions for alkaline batteries for decades, and we're now excited to help battery manufacturers address the very different challenges and opportunities inside lithium-ion batteries,” mentioned Luis Carthery, global business development director, Lubrizol Performance Coatings.


With a commitment to its new Electro-Rite Polymer Technology, Lubrizol is working to innovate binder and dispersant technologies for anode, cathode and separator components to improve energy density and extend battery life.



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