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Borealis' chemically recycled PP used in ready-to-drink iced coffee cups
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:30.Aug.2021

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE, a leading ready-to-drink iced coffee brand in Europe, has started to incorporate chemically recycled polypropylene into its packaging. The cups are produced by Greiner Packaging and the chemically recycled material comes from Borealis, a leading provider of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions based in Austria.


Starting from September, Emmi's successful brand of chilled coffee drinks, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE, will use at least 100 tonnes of plastic based on the recycled material each year. Chemical recycling renews plastic back to plastic creating recycled materials with a level of purity equivalent to fossil-fuel based PP and hence, suitable for protective, food-safe and other demanding applications.


In this way, Emmi is utilizing difficult to recycle feedstock preventing plastic waste that would be likely landfilled or incinerated. In the future, depending on the availability of suitable material, the amount of recycled plastic in Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE packaging is to be further increased.


Emmi, Borealis and Greiner Packaging produce Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE drinking cups using chemically recycled polypropylene.

The new technology to recover the polypropylene is currently still in its infancy, where Greiner Packaging and Borealis are leading the way. Only limited quantities of chemically recycled polypropylene are currently available, and Emmi is one of only a few food manufacturers to have secured a share of the chemically recycled polypropylene plastic through its early commitment and long-standing collaboration with the development companies.


“The chemically recycled polypropylene used in this new Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE cup is manufactured with Borealis portfolio of transformational chemical recycling solutions, giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life,” stated Trevor Davis, Head of Marketing, Consumer Products at Borealis.


“It takes joint efforts by food and packaging manufacturers to reduce waste and make measurable progress in the circular economy,” said Bendicht Zaugg, who is responsible for Sustainable Packaging at Emmi.


“We have had a long and rewarding partnership with both Emmi and Borealis,” commented Greiner Packaging Key Account Manager Vincenzo Crescenza. “This achievement is in line with our stated goal to work towards achieving a circular economy. Our strategy is to develop innovative products, develop new service partnerships and business models, and pioneer materials partnerships.”


The chemically recycled material used for Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE cup consists entirely and solely of ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) material, on a mass balance basis.



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