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SIKORA offers free live material tests at Fakuma
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Sep.2021

SIKORA will be at Fakuma to present its innovative measuring and control technologies for the tube, hose and pipe industry, as well as online and offline systems for the inspection, sorting and analysis of plastic pellets.


In the area of online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets SIKORA presents the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED. The system combines in a unique way an X-ray with up to three optical cameras. Thus, even the smallest metal inclusions in the raw material from a size down to 50 µm can be detected.


The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED for online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets.

In addition, the optical cameras detect black specks and burns on the pellet surface. Defective pellets are separated immediately after detection by means of compressed air.


Also, SIKORA offers customers free live material tests with the PURITY CONCEPT V. The system is typically used for offline laboratory testing and random sample inspection. Interested customers could bring small pellet samples (approx. 100 g) to the SIKORA booth to have them tested.


SIKORA offers free pellet tests with the PURITY CONCEPT V at the Fakuma.

The automated light table automatically inspects the test material placed on a sample tray within a few seconds by using a color camera and evaluates the image recordings. The system detects black specks and color deviations down to a size of 50 µm and highlights contamination in color on the monitor image and in parallel via a projector on the sample carrier. A clear assignment of the contamination and a follow-up control are thus possible at any time.


Moreover, for a 100 % quality control during pipe extrusion SIKORA presents the CENTERWAVE 6000, which is based on millimeter wave technology. The device precisely measures the diameter, ovality, wall thickness, inner profile as well as sagging of the pipe. The measuring method does not require any coupling media or calibration and is free from influences such as temperature or the plastic material.


SIKORA will show the CENTERWAVE 6000 for quality control during the pipe extrusion.

Another highlight at the SIKORA booth is the X-RAY 6000 PRO. The X-ray based system measures the wall thickness, eccentricity, inner and outer diameter and ovality of tubes and hoses from 0.65 mm diameter. The thickness of up to three different material layers is measured. Automatic control of the line speed or extruder rpm ensures maximum productivity.


In addition, SIKORA's presentation at Fakuma is completed by reliable diameter measuring systems of the LASER Series 2000 and 6000. The 2-axis or 3-axis gauge heads are predestined for diameter measurement of transparent as well as non-transparent tubes and hoses.



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