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HASCO to show latest solutions of mold base and hot runner at Fakuma
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:07.Sep.2021

HASCO, a leading manufacturer of standardized modular quality mold components and customized hot runner systems, offers innovative and economical solutions for designers, moldmakers and injection molders, all from a single source.


Its new developments and additions to existing product ranges, together with user-friendly tools, CAD features and digital services will be presented at Fakuma 2021.


Mold base


For the additive manufacture of complex geometries, HASCO now provides a new metal powder available in the steel grades 1.2709 and 1.4404. The powder stands out through its high quality and combination of particle size and spherical accuracy.


HASCO's innovations to be presented at FAKUMA.

Other highlights include a new multi-coupling system which allows the central connection of cooling lines, an innovative securing system for ejector assemblies that guarantees damage-free transport of moulding tools, and a round locating unit that ensures precise, offset-free centering of injection molding tools and mold inserts.


The HASCO portfolio is rounded off by additions to the company’s range of cooling devices and latch locking devices, with a variety of combination possibilities, plus around 170 additional ejector sizes.


Hot runner


HASCO hot runner will showcase the innovative Primezone H1281/… range of control units, together with a new 4-fold control unit of the Basezone H1250 range. Both control units are with intuitive operation, precise control and high production reliability.


Another area of focus will be the innovative Streamrunner. The world's first additively manufactured hot runner system on the market will in future also be available as a needle valve version. This can be seen on the HASCO stand in the form of a compact, fully balanced 20-fold system. Another innovation in the portfolio of needle valve shutter technology is the flanged, pneumatic needle valve unit.



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