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Hexcel wins multi-year contract to produce 3D-printed structures for Boeing 777X family
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:16.Sep.2021

Hexcel Corporation has been awarded a multi-year contract to produce aerospace structures made with HexPEKK-100 for the Boeing 777X. The parts will be manufactured at the company’s additive manufacturing site near Hartford, Connecticut.


“We are pleased that Boeing has selected our additive manufacturing technology for these parts, and we appreciate their confidence in HexPEKK solutions for commercial aerospace applications,” said Colleen Pritchett, Hexcel President -- Aerospace, Americas & Fibers.


Hexcel to produce aerospace structures made with HexPEKK-100 for the Boeing 777X.

HexPEKK components can be manufactured-to-print for commercial aerospace, defense and space applications where complexity, lightweight and strong mechanical performance are critical. These 3D-printed parts meet interior aircraft smoke and toxicity requirements. HexPEKK end-use components – as well as the company’s HexAM additive manufacturing process – were added to Boeing’s Qualified Provider List (QPL) in 2019.


HexPEKK parts selected by Boeing for the 777X family include various air flow ducting applications, as well as other supporting elements on the aircraft. Production of these parts is expected to begin later this year.



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