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CMG debuts low speed screen-less granulator series for technical molding
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:30.Sep.2021

CMG launches a new series of low speed screen-less granulators with innovative and unique attributes contributing to obtaining high degree of regrind quality, efficiency of operation, ease of cleaning and application flexibility. The new SL range consists of four models, for capacities going from 5 kg/h up to 30 kg/h.


The new SL granulators by CMG are designed to produce the most homogeneous regrind shape and dimensions, without any dust. The rotor cutters perform a fine and precise cut of the parts to regrind and do not fracture or crash them as conventional screen-less granulators do. The sector grinding elements are available in three different sizes, to obtain the most adequate regrind size for the injection process.


The new low speed screen-less granulator series SL.

The great advantage of dimensionally adequate regrind is most appreciated when the SL granulator is coupled with small tonnage injection molding machines. The SL granulators produce regrind having dimensions comparable to the virgin pellet.


Another unique feature of the SL series is the metal trap positioned at the feeding point of the unit. Any metals that could potentially contaminate the regrind, or damage the granulator or the injection molding machine, will be captured by a high intensity magnetic plate.


Innovative rotor design performs precise cut of the parts to regrind.

The SL granulators are also equipped with sound insulated feeding hoppers. The noise produced by the grinding process is fully dissipated, so to obtain noise levels well below those industrially acceptable (EN12012-1). All hoppers are equipped with sight glass for visual inspection of the grinding operations.


Additionally, the entire SL unit can be accessed, cleaned and put back into operation in a matter of minutes. All parts are accessible with no need for tools and can be cleaned by vacuum. Also, all SL models are designed to be accessible from one side and do not require to be moved away from the injection molding machine to perform maintenance or cleaning.


CMG provides technologies and solutions designed for the recycling industry certified for Industry 4.0 compliance. CMG's solutions include granulators, shredders, integral conveyor belts, regrind evacuation and conveying systems, dedusting, dust management and air filtration. 



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