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BIEGLO to showcase recycled PEEK and thermosetting polyimides at Fakuma
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:11.Oct.2021

BIEGLO, a Hamburg based high performance polymer distributor, will be showing its recycled high performance polymer (HPP) products at the Fakuma 2021. These products include recycled PEEK, off-grade PEEK compounds and recycled thermosetting Polyimides (as additives and raw material).


Various recycled natural and compounded PEEKs are on offer in different stages of the value chain, most prominent is DEXNYL R-PEEK 450G with properties such as resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. BIEGLO ensures to recycle PEEK in a quality assured way which fosters environmental as well as economical sustainability, thus helping it not to end up in an incineration plant.


BIEGLO will focus on its recycled high performance polymers at Fakuma.

While reprocessing PEEK, the residues are sorted and the PEEK-melt is filtered before granulation. Melt-filtration guarantees continuous high quality of BIEGLO’s R-PEEK 450G granules. Thus, with R-PEEK 450G, BIEGLO brings a top HPP-thermoplast to the market at an economical prices which are about 50% less than that of virgin granules.


Besides R-PEEK, BIEGLO also offers reprocessed thermosetting polyimide powder. The reprocessed thermosetting Polyimide powder has a high heat resistance, dimensional stability, good mechanical and electrical properties, low heat expansion and good chemical resistance. Its applications include as filler for compounding with PTFE Fluorpolymer and as a raw-material for Hot-Compression-Molding.


Other niche applications include use in glass industry, compounding with thermosetting plastics, compounding with thermoplastic polymers and many more. R-Polyimide powder is available in 30µm and 50µm correl-sizes.



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