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HASCO's additively manufactured hot runner now with needle valve system
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:15.Oct.2021

Multiple hot runner applications with very narrow nozzle pitch dimensions are, especially when using valve gate technology, a major challenge for designers. A needle drive needs space, which means that the distribution of the melt in the manifold is usually associated with restrictions when using a valve gating system. This basically leads to a greater space requirement and consequently also to larger mold sizes and injection moulding machines.


With the HASCO Streamrunner, the first additively manufactured hot runner on the market, now completely new and space-saving options are also available for valve gate systems.


Since the launch of Streamrunner, several customer projects have been carried out demonstrating the capability of the system, stated HASCO. With the addition of a subsequent version with needle valve technology, its hot runner has gone one step further, breaking through the previous limitations in the design of hot runners.


HASCO Streamrunner with needle valve.

A new exhibit at Fakuma demonstrates the advantages of the Streamrunner. A fully balanced 20-dorp system with needle valve technology, in which the outside dimensions of the hot runner are just 124 x 124 mm, is presented.


Moreover, with the additive manufacturing technology, the flow channels can be designed rheologically by completely avoiding sharp edges and areas with poor flow characteristics. This gentle passage of the melt results in considerably lower shear stress in the melt and consequently better quality of the injection-molded parts.


Since no plugs are needed, this compact design of the hot runner enables in some cases a pitch of only 18 mm. The system is equipped with individually controlled, screw-in nozzles, which can also be used for engineering plastics. The stroke motion of the needle takes place via a circular plate package that is driven by four pneumatic cylinders.


As with all other hot runner systems from HASCO, the Streamrunner with needle valve technology is individually designed and adjusted exactly to the respective application.



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