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Trinseo to produce r-PS resins for dairy packaging with Indaver's r-styrene
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:21.Oct.2021

Trinseo, a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders, and Indaver, a leader in sustainable waste management in Europe, have signed an offtake agreement for recycled styrene (r-styrene).


Under the terms of the agreement, Trinseo will buy a minimum of 50% of the r-styrene produced at Indaver for a 10-year period, following startup of the plant planned in 2023.


As with its other waste collection processes, Indaver will collect post-consumer polystyrene (PS), such as yogurt pots and single-use packaging, and recycle and produce the r-styrene through a proprietary depolymerization technology at its Antwerp, Belgium site.


The r-styrene will then be sent to Trinseo’s Tessenderlo, Belgium site nearby and will be used to manufacture recycled PS resins for dairy packaging and other applications. Both the r-styrene and r-PS products will be ISCC Plus mass balance certified.


Trinseo will purchase the r-styrene produced at Indaver following startup of the plant planned in 2023.

Recycled PS has the exact same properties as PS made with virgin fossil-based material. Because of the simple chemical structure of PS, infinite recycling has become a reality, and its purity makes it a suitable material for food packaging.


Trinseo recently launched rPS, STYRONTM CO2RETM CR55 PS Resins for food contact applications early this year. This particular product has been used to make the first yogurt pot made with a food contact compliant polystyrene recyclate for a leading European yogurt brand, which has been on shelves in France since May 2021.


“We are delighted to have Indaver as our partner,” noted Nicolas Joly, Vice President, Plastics & Feedstocks of Trinseo, “Collaboration throughout the value chain will continue to be critical as we look for ways to innovate and provide practical solutions to societal challenges. This long-term offtake agreement demonstrates Trinseo's commitment to PS recycling and helping to build a circular economy.”


“With our innovative Plastics2chemicals project, Indaver will be able to recycle plastics successfully into base chemicals for the industry,” said Paul De Bruycker, CEO of Indaver "We are thus realizing our ambitions to be a waste management company that plays an essential role in the circular economy. With the long-term offtake agreement signed with Trinseo we obtained one of the cornerstones which will support our €100 million investment in a breakthrough chemical recycling plant.”



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