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Strong presence of BOY's smart injection molding machines at Fakuma
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:27.Oct.2021

BOY expressed its satisfaction of Fakuma 2021 and concluded its highlights with automation in the production process, increasing digitalization of injection molding machines and assistance systems used directly at the machine.


All four applications at its booth were equipped with a BOY-automation. Three handling units BOY LR 5 removed the molded parts from the mold, and on the BOY 80 E hybrid, the linear automation was even used for the further assembly of the two-component molded part.


Moreover, a removal automation system completely integrated under the safety gate was demonstrated on the BOY 25 E. Here the pneumatic picker removed the molded medical-technical part from the mold and placed it on a conveyor belt that is also integrated. 


Andreas Scheideler, Domestic Sales Manager at BOY, commented, "We had discussions of high quality and with good prospects. Many interesting projects could be initiated at Fakuma 2021 which offer great potential for the future."


BOY booth at Fakuma 2021.

"This clearly distinguishes this presence fair from a digital or virtual event," noted Thomas Breiden, Marketing Manager at BOY. "Our success at Fakuma 2021 makes it clear that visitors want to experience an injection molding machine live and have intensive technical discussions on site. A virtual trade fair simply can't offer that." 


Visitors at the BOY booth showed interest in the possibility of connecting the injection molding machine via a WLAN-stick wirelessly to the internet with a simple hotspot via an internet-compatible mobile phone. Alternatively, the connection via the WLAN-stick can also be made into the existing company network. Once the connection is established, the BOY Customer Service can access the machine from Neustadt-Fernthal and support the user online.


Besides, with the Moulding Assist demonstrated at Fakuma for the first time, BOY is providing software that can be used to identify and eliminate injection molding defects.  The digital and adaptive assistant provides the user with constructive solutions directly at the injection molding machine. The functions of the Moulding Assist are started via a webserver and are callable from any injection molding machine with a network connection.


After the installation of the Moulding Assist on the machine, the complete machine manual can be opened via the web browser and the helpful BOY-app with cooling time and clamping force calculations as well as tables with processing data for many plastics can also be used.


In addition, two further premieres were the Electro-mechanical ejector for BOY 50 E – BOY 125 E with a function independent of the main drive of the injection molding machine and high dynamics as well as exact path positioning with synchronization of ejector and handling movement, and the cooling water distribution with electronic flow rate recording.



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