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ARLANXEO supports academic R&D capability of synthetic rubber in China
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:28.Oct.2021

ARLANXEO establishes a one-year partnership with the School of Materials Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology (SCUT) and witnesses the official launch of the High Polymer Materials Room of the School, which comes as a contribution by the company.


As the fourth time that ARLANXEO has partnered with local institutions in China, ARLANXEO is working to boost the innovative upgrade of the chemical industry by strengthening local talent education.

“The School of Materials Science and Engineering of SCUT has more than 70 years of development and has acquired leading scientific research resources and rich educational experience in the synthetic rubber field. In partnership with SCUT, ARLANXEO will leverage the company’s leading products and R&D expertise to provide advanced research materials and professional technical support for lecturers and students, supporting them to enhance research capabilities,” said Boyang Lu, Vice President Sales, Greater China, ARLANXEO.


ARLANXEO attended the inauguration ceremony of the High Polymer Materials Room of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of SCUT.


ARLANXEO representatives visited the High Polymer Materials Room.

ARLANXEO’s partnership with the School of Materials Science and Engineering of SCUT mainly contains the following programs:


  • Research materials
    ARLANXEO will supply its full range of products as materials for teaching and scientific research for both lecturers and students to improve their research skills

  • “High Polymer Materials Room” App
    On the mobile app tailored for the High Polymer Materials Room, ARLANXEO will provide an introduction to the company’s products and technologies to offer lecturers and students an understanding of the application field, properties and production technologies of ARLANEXO’s synthetic rubber products. In addition, the app will also incorporate ARLANXEO’s recruitment information to attract more young talents to the rubber industry with internship and job opportunities

  • Expert lectures
    ARLANXEO’s global technical experts will give lectures on the cutting-edge trends and innovative technologies of the synthetic rubber field


“Education has always been a key focus area for ARLANXEO to fulfill corporate responsibility. Together with SCUT, ARLANXEO aims to introduce more talents with both theoretical and practical skills to the synthetic rubber industry and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry”, commented Sun Hong, Managing Director of ARLANXEO in China.


Since operations officially began in China, ARLANXEO has established partnerships with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering, and Changzhou University, providing opportunities through scholarships, summer internships, and expert lectures to enhance students’ competitiveness.



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