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Gentlebrand develops 100% rPET bottle with plantable organic label
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:02.Nov.2021

Gentlebrand have developed "Aroma", a bottle made of 100% recycled clear PET, which is recyclable and designed by rethinking the manufacturing system.


Aroma brings innovation in relation to its content such as the increasingly popular flavored waters, but above all in relation to its composition, acting on the element that is most difficult to recycle: the label. Consumers perceive the bottle as a product made up of two parts: body and cap, which today, thanks to tethered technology, form a single element to be disposed of.


Gentlebrand have developed a bottle made of 100% recycled clear PET.

The label, wrapped around the bottle, is rarely separated, inevitably contaminating the recycling streams due to the inks it contains, the glues used and sometimes the material it is made of, although in recent years traditional PVC has been replaced by more eco-friendly materials such as low-density plastics that facilitate the separation of elements in the recycling stream.


The solution provided by Gentlebrand is a label made of a special organic paper which contains the seeds of the aromatic plants making up the different flavors and which therefore, combined with the choice of inks of vegetable origin or inks for food use, makes it plantable, thus creating a further virtuous circle.


The label is made of organic paper which contains the seeds of aromatic plants.

Also, the addition of the label on the neck of the bottle without the need for glue further reduces the use of waste materials in the plastic recycling stream. A simple idea that revolutionizes the entire product system: thanks to its position and the different material component, the label is perceived as a separate element, facilitating proper disposal. A sustainable idea supporting manufacturers by guaranteeing the integrity of the product, as the label can be removed by just pulling off.


The large label on the neck of the bottle provides plenty of space for all the information required by law as well as the various marketing messages. The bottle itself can be fully customized with decorations or product descriptions thanks to the Supervent technology. In addition, it is available for both still and sparkling products.



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