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Cabot Corporation offers new carbon black with low PAH content
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:02.Nov.2021

Cabot Corporation announced the launch of VULCAN 3-LP carbon black, a new low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) product for rubber applications. VULCAN 3-LP carbon black is the fourth product in the Cabot LP carbon black series, providing customers with a full suite of carbon black products for the use in applications that require a controlled, very low PAH content, such as consumer rubber goods as well as food and potable water contact applications.


The VULCAN 3-LP product is a pelletized reinforcing carbon black that is engineered for end-use rubber products that need a higher reinforcement, strength, abrasion and tearing resistance level than semi-reinforcing carbon blacks.


The full Cabot LP carbon black series, including VULCAN 3-LP carbon black, is manufactured through a special process to yield a consistent, very low level of PAH that comply with the increasing regulatory requirements and quality certifications across the globe that limit the content of PAH in certain rubber applications and the carbon black used to prepare them.


Cabot Corporation launches VULCAN 3-LP carbon black.

“This launch demonstrates our ongoing commitment to develop innovative solutions that respond to the product performance needs of our customers,” stated Valdemir Prodocimo, general manager, Global Industrial Rubber Products, Reinforcement Materials Segment.


Key application uses include:


  • Consumer rubber applications, such as toys and childcare items, sporting equipment, housing items, tools, clothing and accessories

  • Rubber products intended to be taken in the mouth or with foreseeable long and repeated short-term skin contact

  • Rubber components that have direct contact with drinking water, including hoses and liners in drinking water systems and pipes and tanks

  • Rubber products that have contact with food, such as gaskets, o-rings, seals and food transportation belts


“This new addition to the Cabot LP carbon black series gives our customers even more flexibility for choosing an alternative reinforcing solution that not only meets their stringent performance needs but adheres to the evolving regulations that protect the health and safety of their end users,” said Bart Kalkstein, senior vice president and president, Reinforcement Materials Segment, and president, Americas Region.



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