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W&H provides consulting to shorten printing press set-up time
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:04.Nov.2021

RKW is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of film solutions and a market leader for hygiene and agricultural films, films for the beverage industry, and packaging for powdery goods.


With the investment in a new high-end flexo printing press VISTAFLEX CL8 from W&H, RKW was faced with the challenge of making optimum use of the new technical possibilities of the machine and adapting the familiar setup processes to the new press.


With Process Consulting, W&H helps RKW reduce the set-up times of its flexo press by up to 50%.

During Process Consulting, W&H uses the Lean Management approach to optimally coordinate all value-added activities and reduce unnecessary cost factors. From the basics to the application on the machine, W&H tailors its consulting to its customers’ individual needs and implement the methods directly on the machine in the customers’ production.


In the first part of the 5-day workshop, the basics of process optimization were jointly worked out, methods for reduction setup times were explained and the current setup processes on the machine were documented.


During the collaboration between the W&H experts and the workshop participants, the current status was analyzed and examined for potential improvements. The optimizations developed were tested and implemented directly on the flexo printing press. In addition to the optimization approaches, the use of high-quality W&H consumables also helped to reduce setup times. So, with the optimized processes, setup times at RKW were reduced by up to 50%.



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