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Covestro to unveil digital solutions for PU casting resin processors
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Nov.2021

Covestro will unveil a range of digital tools for the polyurethane elastomer industry at UTECH Europe 2021. This will impact the company's work, from plant maintenance to research and development, and improve the way Covestro supports its customers.


Covestro has taken the next step in digitizing customer support. Digital solutions make life easier for injection molders today in many ways. These Baulé Easy Services have been developed around the company´s Baulé machines:


  • Baulé Easy Assist: solving process problems through remote monitoring by Covestro experts

  • Baulé Easy Parts: online identification and ordering of spare parts

  • Baulé Easy Data: production monitoring with all relevant process data


The Easy Casting app on a smartphone. 

To help its customers, Covestro has developed an app that supports every operator on the customer's shop floor when working with hot cast polyurethane molded parts. The Easy Casting app is available via the Android platform. It guides each operator through the entire manual casting process.


This daily casting companion allows recipes to be created and saved, automatically calculates the weight of each component, and supports the operator through every step of the process by providing practical instructions, such as reminders about temperature control or the mixing order of components, needed to produce better castings.


To gain new insights for R&D, technical service and customer experience, Covestro has also developed a set of digital tools that create digital recipe maps by leveraging the power of the design of experiments method.


This method has been used to gain insight into the polyurethane casting process and recipe optimization, and was first applied to a Desmodur MTX6076-based polyurethane cast elastomer system. By simply dragging a cursor, the Easy System Tool allows users to change processing and formulation factors, and view the effects on the resulting properties of the polyurethane cast elastomer.



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