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Magna to launch seating technology on four new vehicles
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:22.Nov.2021

Magna’s FreeForm seating technology helps automakers distinguish themselves through styling. Launching on four new vehicles, one later this year and three in 2022, the distinctive seat trim technology provides a clean, sculpted and seamless styling surface and allows design possibilities.


FreeForm first hit the market first in 2020 on the Cadillac XT5 and will now launch with other automakers on a large SUV, a midsize crossover, a sedan and an all-electric SUV – all expected to hit dealerships in 2022.


Magna’s FreeForm technology offers design possibilities, seat concavity, comfort and cleanability.

“We are seeing an increasing demand from both traditional customers and new entrants alike seeking to offer superior comfort and design features and create a more 'homelike' cabin, as well as utilize more eco-friendly materials. FreeForm technology can deliver on all fronts,” said John Wyskiel, President of Magna Seating Systems.


FreeForm offers multiple benefits, including:


  • Styling flexibility

FreeForm can achieve design details as sharp as a 1mm radius compared to 20-25mm for traditional cut and sew. This allows automotive stylists greater design possibilities to achieve various shapes and forms, and crisper lines.


  • Comfort benefits

The new seat trim technology offers improved back comfort thanks to more than 100mm of concavity. Coupled with bolsters, this offers enhanced support for the lower back as it reduces fatiguing micro-motions of the spine. Furthermore, FreeForm is created with a foam laminate which results in a moldable surface that is four times more breathable than comparable molded trim products – further enhancing seat comfort.


  • Sustainable materials

FreeForm back panel seats contain up to 50% proprietary polyols derived from recycled polyethylene terephthalate and the seating surface contains up to 20% renewable materials from a bio-feedstock – resulting in an overall more sustainable product.


  • Cleaning advantages

The smooth surface of FreeForm allows for seats to be more quickly and easily cleaned. The seat covers can also be easily removed for cleaning and routine maintenance making them appealing for future mobility scenarios like ride sharing.


  • Additional cabin space

FreeForm back panels provide a “soft touch” surface with draw capabilities of up to four inches – offering a significant amount of added leg room.



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