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Carbon neutral 3D printing polymers use Arkema's bio-based PA 11
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:01.Dec.2021

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and leading materials developer for industrial 3D printing, has released the industry’s first carbon neutral certified polymer materials line, starting with PA 802 MF CN, a mineral-filled bio-circular PA 11 material, and PA 820 CF CN, a carbon fiber filled bio-circular PA 11, optimized for high performance and certified as carbon neutral.


The PA 11 base material, produced by Arkema and then customized by ALM for additive manufacturing (AM), is another step in EOS’ commitment to Responsible Manufacturing and sustainability.


To certify its materials as carbon neutral, ALM conducted a full lifecycle analysis (LCA) study of the material from sourcing to production to customer delivery in both the U.S. and Europe, which was then certified by TÜV SÜD according to the PAS2060 standard that sets the requirements for carbon neutral products.


ALM releases carbon neutral polymer materials for 3D printing made from Arkema's PA 11 base material.

In addition to base material PA 11 being bio-based, ALM took additional steps to further off-set ancillary carbon generation, including installation of solar panels on ALM’s Texas headquarters, and is investing in Gold standard carbon credits from a MyClimate solar project in Ethiopia.


“Many companies are trying to change their processes to become more sustainable. ALM is leading by changing our entire approach to a more sustainable manufacturing and introducing sustainability as more than a concept,” said Moritz Kugler, vice president, polymer materials at EOS. “ALM’s PA 802 MF CN and PA 820 CF CN are the first polymer material offerings in our sustainability journey.”


Developed in partnership with Arkema, the world leader in advanced bio-circular materials, the carbon neutral grades offer high impact resistance. The tightly controlled particle size distribution creates a smooth surface finish and good feature detail. Expected applications include lifestyle and automotive production.


“Arkema is a pioneering innovator in advanced materials derived from sustainably sourced renewable castor beans grown in India,” expressed Adrien Lapeyre, global business director for Arkema’s high performance polymers business. “For many years, Arkema has led the charge in bio-circular materials in the 3D printing market.”


The two ALM carbon neutral materials can be processed on most selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers, including the latest printers from EOS as well as all other SLS-based OEMs.



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