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Chem-Trend's mold cleaner eliminates residues quickly and easily
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:01.Dec.2021

A custom injection molder producing heavy, surface sensitive white parts considerably reduced costs and saved time simply by changing their mold cleaning solution. Due to heavy buildup of residues in the mold cavities, careful and labor-intensive refurbishing was necessary every two weeks, which effectively shut down production for no less than two days.


In partnership with Chem-Trend, an advanced cleaning technology was tested and proven to extend the time between cleaning cycles to six weeks reducing scrap and maintenance hours, and drive production cost savings by approximately 30%.


Besides, the manufacturer shared concerns of high scrap rates as a result of its current injection molding process for heavy and large critical surface textured white parts.


Lusin MC1718 mold cleaner helps eliminate buildup in injection molding.

Chem-Trend’s regional thermoplastics experts visited the production site and observed every step of the process to identify solution-critical parameters. Parts were being produced from flame retarded PC+ABS, which contributed to the steady build-up of polymer residues in the mold cavities. As a result, the surface of the parts appeared “spotted” and uneven in texture triggering not only a high scrap rate, but also but also required extensive refurbishment.


Lusin MC1718 mold cleaner was proven for its capability to help minimize buildup in the mold. The product was applied directly to the mold cavity between two cycles, and after some reacting time, polymer buildups were softened and pulled from the mould through the process of producing parts.


This method allows a quick and easy cleaning without having to dismantle and handle the mold, and also enables the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The new approach has been implemented into a new regular maintenance routine.



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